News: Magnetize Any Socket/Wrench

Video: . Ever have trouble getting out spark plugs because you can never hold on to them? Or how about dropping a bolt or a nut in a tight spot? Now you dont have to worry about that every again because the guys at show you how to magnetize you sockets and wrenches to make your life a little easier and more efficient!

How To: Smoke Your Tail Lights

The guys at PoorManMods show you how to smoke or tint your taillights using a spray tint by VHT. Simply clean off the taillight to prep it. Spray one to three even coats of tint on the taillight for your desired result. Let them dry, put them on the car, and the stand back and admire your work!

News: DIY Exhaust Ceramic Coating

How ever this is not actually "Ceramic coating" like a professional shop would be able to perform and isnt as durable and as effective, this is a cheap alternative that you can do at home and still gain some benefits from, I.E rust prevention, lower engine bay temps, and looks! This can all be done for $10 in your drive way and only takes 3 hours max to perform.

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